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I want him to be an excellent preacher. I want him to have excellent relational skills. I want him to have a sense of humor and to be a good listener. I could go on and on. When I allow myself to consider my preferences for the next senior pastor, I have a long list. And I know I am not the only one. Every week I listen to our church members express their preferences for the next senior pastor. And every time we have a guest preacher, like this past Sunday, we have many church members asking if that preacher will be the next senior pastor.

During this transitional season, there are many lessons we could learn at PCBC. But one primary lesson we should learn is that God is still the best judge of who we need and when we need him. We will never find a perfect senior pastor. We will never agree on all of our preferences. And we will never agree on the perfect timing for change. But we should agree that there is one quality that is essential. He must have a heart for doing the will of God. In Ephesians 6:6 , God commands us to live like slaves of Christ….doing the will of God from our hearts. If we pray for and anticipate a senior pastor who has a heart for the will of God, this should also prepare us for changes even when we may disagree. We are not asking the Lord for someone who has a heart to do what we want. We should be asking in unity for the man who will focus first on the will of God.

Only God knows a heart fully. So only our great God is able to choose the best senior pastor for PCBC in this season. I believe He has done so as you and I have prayed persistently for this all year. So I anticipate yet another incredible Sunday for PCBC this Sunday as our elders and senior pastor search team share how God has brought them to a unanimous decision.

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