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Peachtree Elementary:

Child Evangelism Fellowship is offering you a wonderful mission opportunity. We're looking for kid-friendly, mission minded adults. You may be young, or young at heart, thinking about retiring, grey-haired grandparents, or a home-schooled teen (one parent must participate), we have the perfect place for you to serve. It's with little girls and boys in a Good News Club at a local public school. You heard me, the public schools! Once a week, for an hour and a half in an after-school program, we have the right to pray and teach the Bible to the children who would like to attend. Since 2001 it's been the best kept secret, BUT THE SECRET IS OUT!

Child Evangelism Fellowship is the only legal entity I know of that has been given a U. S. Supreme Court decision that allows us access to America's public schools to hold Bible Clubs for kids who want to attend. Do you remember when prayer was removed from public schools? This high court decision in 2001 has given us back the right to prayer and Bible study in public schools, which is unprecedented in legal and cultural terms. We don't know how long this window of opportunity will be open so we must seize the day! We have over 200 Good News Clubs in Georgia and four in Gwinnett County; one school in your own backyard. We are praying that God will open more doors of opportunity. "God, the faithful and true will open a door that cannot be shut" (Rev 3:7 ) and we need teams ready to go! I would love to have you join me in this God-size mission field.

If this is something that resonates in your heart please ask God and give Pastor Dean Osuch a call 770-582-2478. Trainings will be in September.