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Visit prison in an envelope

A Maximum Security Prison outside of Georgia has presented us with unique opportunities for service/discipleship.

The immediate need is for a group of men (life group/bible study etc) to mentor via mail an inmate who applied for and has completed the eighteen (18) month Life Connection Program. This is a long term commitment as his release date is a number of years out.

There are opportunities, as well, for women’s groups to correspond with women and men to correspond with Life without Parole men.

Training materials and further information available. Contact Pastor Dean Osuch

Are you interested in ministering to one of the most open places to share the love of Christ in the World? God has opened doors to share the gospel with those in prison and helping prisoners grow in their relationship with Christ for years now. If you are interested in finding out how you can serve in this area, please contact Forrest Jones at 770-446-6287 or for more information. If your Life Group is looking for a service project here are some current prison needs.

Prison Ministry Needs:

  • Bibles (Paperback or soft cover. Can be purchased in cartons from Christian Book distributors)
  • Personal care items
  • Toothpaste tubes Small and medium
  • Soft toothbrushes small and medium
  • Soap
  • Roll on deodorant (no alcohol content)
  • Shampoo small and medium
  • Lotion small and medium
  • Fasteeth ( for those with dentures)

We will help deliver these items to the inmates.