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Are you community-minded with a desire to make a real difference in the lives of people around you? Do you love connecting with your neighbors? Want a place to use your passion for life and experience to serve others and help create community? Apartment Life has just the opportunity you've been searching for!

We provide opportunities for individuals and life groups to serve alongside our apartment teams, contact Pastor Dean Osuch for more information.

The mission of CARES by Apartment Life is to radically transform apartment communities nationwide, through a resident retention program called CARES. Through the CARES program the team is provided the opportunity to impact local apartment complexes by developing a sense of community through its proven four-pronged methodology. The program consists of welcoming new residents into the community - WELCOME, hosting three to four monthly events to connect with residents - CONNECT, caring for the needs of residents throughout the year - CARE, and seeking to positively impact a resident's decision to extend their involvement in the community by renewing their lease - RENEW.

Apartment Life is looking for "teams of 2" (a family, married couple, or two compatible same gender singles with experience living and working together) that have a desire to lead this program and combine heart-felt service with joy, fun and authentic relationships! Apartment Life is looking for people like you - people who recognize that apartment residents want more than just a place to live, they want a community of friends, a place to belong, and a personal touch. Partner with us in a movement to be the change and become the neighbors who make an apartment a home! For more information contact Pasor Dean Osuch at 770-582-2478. You can also visit our website at