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The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program at PCBC emphasizes Conversational English, with classes both on our church campus and nearby apartments.

The current class schedule is as follows:

  • Sun, 9:30am Int’l Friends Bible Study, PCBC
  • Tues, 10am Free ESL-The Corners Apts.
  • Wed, 6:15pm Free ESL- PCBC
  • Thurs, 10am Free ESL-The Corners Apts.
  • Thurs, 7pm Free ESL-The Corners, NPY the conservatory

NOTE: PCBC’s ESL classes generally follow the Gwinnett County Public Schools calendar.

In PCBC's International Friends Life Group both Americans and Internationals study the Bible's simple truths and their application to real life. It is a time of worship, prayer, encouragement and spiritual growth, where the best kind of friendships can form that will last a lifetime! More information can be found HERE.