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Name Position Phone
ContactAmy Shirley Finance Manager 770-448-1313 ext 2451
ContactAndrew Howard Worship Ministry Technical Director 770-448-1313 ext 2462
ContactBilly Sowell Director of Recreation Ministries 770-448-1313 ext.2665
ContactBrenda Crabtree Elementary Coordinator 770-448-1313 ext 2211
ContactBrenda Turner Weekday Preschool Assistant 770-448-1313 ext.2447
ContactBrett Davis Pastor of Students 770-448-1313 ext.2440
ContactBrock Carr Activities Ministry Assistant 770-448-1313 ext.2669
ContactCeleste Stough Children's Administrative Assistant 770-448-1313 ext.2445
ContactDavid Southern IT Manager 770-448-1313 ext 2461
ContactDr. Bryce Norton Executive Pastor 770-448-1313 ext.2474
ContactDr. David Shaw Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care & Senior Adults 770-448-1313 ext.2459
ContactDr. Dean Osuch Pastor of Equipping and Mobilization 770-448-1313 ext.2478
ContactEyleen Barnes Children's Worship and Outreach Director 770-448-1313 ext.2218
ContactGarrett Cone Assoc Pastor to Student Ministry 770-448-1313 ext 2440
ContactHai Phan Maintenance Assistant 770-448-1313
ContactJay Hackett Senior Pastor 770-448-1313 ext.2453
ContactJulie Southern First Team Coordinaor 770-448-1313 ext 2224
ContactJustin Ely Young Adult Pastor 770-448-1313 ext 2470
ContactKelly Hankinson Preschool Coordinator 770-448-1313 ext 2029
ContactLee Goins Intern Minister to College Students 770-448-1313 x2456
ContactMary Beth Moody Director of Weekday Preschool 770-448-1313 ext.2448
ContactMatt Hoffman Maintenance Assistant 770-448-1313 ext.2366
ContactMelinda Vassey Student Ministry Assistant 770-448-1313 ext.2441
ContactPam Hutchinson Music Ministry Assistant 770-448-1313 ext.2462
ContactPat King Publications Coordinator 770-448-1313 ext.2662
ContactRichie Sissom Worship Pastor 770-448-1313 ext 2460
ContactRod Wallin Director of Maintenance & Facilities 770-448-1313 ext.2467
ContactShay Tanner Pastor of Equipping and Mobilization Assistant 770-448-1313 ext.2479
ContactSusan Rutledge Minister to Preschool & Kids 770-448-1313 ext.2450
ContactToni Martin Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor Assistant 770-448-1313 ext 2456